Why choose us?

Examples of transcriptions

Follow this link to read about our standard transcription and see our transcriptions of two episodes of different radio programs in Swedish.

The advantages of being many

Strength in numbersAs of today Transkribering.nu has 20+ talented employees plus an administration team who runs the company. All the employees are educated in linguistics, and/or have experience with working with language. Among our colleagues you will find translators, writing interpreters, and linguists. Since we are so many, we can deliver big volumes quickly, while at the same time being thorough. The transcription will be controlled by at least two transcribers before we send it to you. In addition, the transcribers always give feedback to each other in order to constantly improve.

Routines provide an even quality

We have developed our own ways of transcribing. We follow Swedish and English writing rules to a large extent, but some things have been modified to suit the spoken word. We continuously develop our writing rules and make sure that our transcribing technique is uniform and does not differ from person to person.

In addition to an ergonomic keyboard and noise canceling headphones we use transcription pedals to further improve the transcriptions and keep the working time short. Our clients can borrow the dictaphone Olympus DM-650 with three zoom microphones free of charge. With good recordings it is even easier for us to deliver high quality transcriptions.

We transcribe with quality and focus on the things that are actually being said. This means that we clean out fillers, half sentences, and stumbling of words when these do not add anything to the conversation. We have good judgement¬†about whether¬†these words disturb the readability more than they¬†add meaning to the conversation. If you want us to write down everything, including every “hmm”, “mm” and “eh” sound, we do this to an additional cost.

Confidentiality and safety

Confidentiality and safety is very important to us. Your files are transferred to our web system with SSL encrypted transmission, and the servers are located in the EU. Only the employees who work with the file can see it. When we are finished, we delete all files from our computers and the web system. Our web system also works as a reminder of when each file is due.

We do not discuss the content of the interviews with anyone, nor do we reveal our clients’ names. If you wish, we have templates for confidentially agreements and would gladly send you signed agreements.

We have a liability insurance through the insurance company IF. We have never used it, but it is a security for you and us to know that if something were to go very wrong, the insurance guarantees that you will get the right compensation.

We GDPR policy. Click here to read how we handle your personal information.


We are flexible to your needs. Please contact us if you have special requirements or requests that we have not mentioned on the website and we will do our best to meet them. We might charge extra for some requests. Click here to view our prices.

Our clients about the transcriptions

Since January 2015 all clients have been offered to fill out a survey about customer satisfaction. We use this survey to improve our service. For example, one client expressed that it was complicated to see when a transcription was ready for downloading, and had a suggestion of how to make it easier. A couple of days later we changed the routine to make it easier for our clients. We take pride in constantly improving our work.

"How satisfied are you with our service as a whole?"
“How satisfied are you with our service as a whole?”

When we asked our clients how satisfied they were with our service as a whole on a scale from 1 to 6, we scored high. No clients answered lower than 4. As shown by the stacks above, the great majority of the clients answered 5 or 6. We can also see how the percentage of satisfied clients have increased.